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Saeed Hojjati was born in 1963 in south eastern Iran and came to Canada to build a better life. Saeed is a self-taught artist, mentored by Barbara Schaefer. His work is gaining in popularity and is reminiscent of Thomas Kinkade with brightly coloured, idyllic pastoral scenes. His intention is to have a positive impact through his art and to remind people to appreciate of the beauty of this world and their lives.


Jenny Keith is a contemporary artist based in Edmonton, Canada.

She is a graduate of the University of Alberta where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, specializing in painting and sculpture.

Jenny's body of work features acrylic and mixed media paintings. Her work has been showcased in galleries and private collections across Canada and internationally.

Often created by layering acrylic paint with etched beeswax, she creates whimsical and textured artwork. Her subject matter often includes images of animals and natural curiosities, humans, and abstract views of microscopic biology.